Currently available in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, or via Skype, sessions normally last 50 minutes to one hour and cost £75. Longer sessions are also sometimes helpful, especially at the beginning of counselling or for EMDR. 90 min sessions cost £100.
Half day, full day and weekend life script, couples and psychosexual therapy sessions are now available from £150.
Enquire for details.

Training you need can be specially arranged or you can choose to book one of

the currently available courses.


Friday November 6th 2020: 8.45am-12.30pm, from £30


Non-demand sex therapy can remove stress and anxiety from the sex therapy process and better enable clients to discover

ways sex works for them.  With the focus on their own experiencing, and unable to seek reassurance from their partner,

couples learn to notice and confidently manage their own anxiety. Counter-intuitively, they’re able to recognise and share

their needs and wishes more quickly and to take more responsibility for the pace and progress of their sex therapy

programme, with the therapist moving more rapidly into a supervisory rather than directive role.


Friday February 19 2021: 9.30-4.30, from £75

COSRT training day in London: SEX AND THE HIJACKED BRAIN

We all recognise different parts of ourselves that behave and feel differently in different circumstances. We may notice, say,

sexual, serious, clever, funny, creative or shy parts. What we don’t necessarily realise is that we can become hijacked by

depressed or traumatised parts so that we aren’t functioning as the people we want to be. In sex and relationship therapy,

they can rob people of the ability to be playful, inventive and sexy. This study day will introduce you to some parts theory

and show how you can use this to help clients re-engage with their sexual selves, with advice and exercises to start using

right away.


  • Affect Management

  • Consent in Psychosexual & Relationship Therapy NEW!

  • The Hijacked Brain NEW!

  • Hurting Hearts: Working with Angry Couples

  • Individual Sessions with Couple Clients

  • Love and Sex in the 21st Century NEW!

  • Non-Demand Sex Therapy NEW!

  • Short-term Couple Counselling

  • Transactional Analysis for Couples and Individuals

  • Unresolved Grief and Trauma

  • Understanding Sexual Addiction

  • Treating Sexual Addiction and Compulsion

  • Working with the Partners of Sex Addicts

  • Working with Stuckness and Confusion




Certificate in Couple Counselling.

With the Foundation for Counselling & Relationship Studies. 

Nine days over 4 blocks. 

Diploma in Psychosexual Therapy

15 days over 6 blocks

Courses can be tailored to the needs of your organisation.

Supervision is available in Aylesbury or via video messaging (Skype or FaceTime) for student and qualified counsellors, and psychosexual therapists.
Student discounts are available.

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